So you had enough with your outdated bathroom. Where/how to start?
Well, I compile a few DOs  and DON’Ts to get a better idea of how to target your next project.
DO make sure you have a designing plan before calling contractors for quotes. Do your work and browse many pictures… is a great please to get inspired. Also, a good source of inspiration is open houses. Most of these houses would have a nice bathroom and you can get a better idea of the bathroom you are looking for.
DON’T forget budget. We always get carried away by ideas and then we forget about our budget. This is probably a good time to call your contractor or designer/architect. They will give you a pretty good idea of how much your project will be…. And try to stick to it!. For instance, you can save money if considering regular tiles installation. If you decide to go with designing and/or heavy tiles, the contractor will charge you extra because it is time consuming. Also, just in case, consider adding an additional 10-20% in you budget if your project requires opening walls. Most of the time, there are surprises behind walls.
DO storage. When planning a bathroom, we never factor the need for storage. It’s always nice to have towels and toiletries handy in the bathroom. Make sure you have enough drawers and cabinet space for them.
DON’T try to do it yourself if you won’t have the time. Be honest! While it’s nice to save money and have your weekend to DIY, this kind of project is better to leave it to the experts. If you’re not sure about completing the job, it could be more expensive at the end to bring a contractor in the middle of the work…. and it will take longer to finish the work
DO think about the future. We live in times when trends are completely changed in short time. Therefore, think neutral for the most expensive and permanent items in bathroom. For instance, go with neutral tiles. You can always change the color in your walls or change vanity cabinet, but tiles are messier and more expensive to change. Also, try to avoid hand-painted vessel sinks or floating vanities. They might look great in pictures but not very practical.
DON’T overdo it. Be smart when planning your bathroom renovation. It’s better to make small but high-end changes that use standard materials. Remember a bathroom gives you about 57% return on investment when selling your house.
So overall, have a plan considering budget, stick to it, don’t try to go cheap (remember this is one of the rooms that gives you most return for your investment), and go neutral with your design!
…..Oh, and don’t forget to call us for your next project

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